6 reasons for pain during sex in men


Sex is often thought to be satisfying and soothing. However, the reality is not always what you think. There could be times when pain during sex could ruin all the fun and make it impossible to reach an orgasmic climax. Here are some reasons that cause pain during sex in men and how to deal with them to last longer in the bed.

Here are few common causes of pain during sex for men and how to avoid them:

#1 Peyronie’s disease: Commonly known as erectile dysfunction or ED, it is a common cause of painful sex for most men. In Peyronie’s disease the scar tissue that runs along the length of the penis causes it to bend, making intercourse difficult and painful. This could be due to a trauma in the penis or a result of a genetic or hereditary problem. Here is how erectile dysfunction is diagnosed.

What you can do: Erectile dysfunction is a medical problem and would need expert help. However, some lifestyle changes like losing weight, keeping cholesterol levels in check, avoiding excessive alcohol can help deal with the problem, albeit marginally. Seek help from an urologist for this problem to enjoy a pain free sex life. Know what causes ED in people with diabetes.

#2 Tight foreskin: This condition is called phimosis where the foreskin of the penis is too tight to retract over the head of the penis completely. In another condition, called paraphimosis the foreskin is tucked behind the penis and cannot be pulled forward. Both these conditions could lead to pain during intercourse. Also, know that circumcision is not the only way to treat tight foreskin in children.

What you can do: Sadly, there isn’t much you can do in these cases to get relief from pain during sex. Going under the knife, to free the skin for some movement can help you get some relief.

#3 Prostatitis: This is a condition identified with inflammation of the prostate gland that results in swelling, pain or burning sensation during urination. The gland that is situated just behind the bladder also gives rise to pain during sex, usually while ejaculating. Here are 10 symptoms of prostate cancer that every man should know.

What you can do: Inflamed prostate gland is usually treated with some antibiotics and other medications as prescribed by the urologist. However, you can try a warm bath before sex or sit in a tub with warm water with your buttocks submerged. In case of an infection, get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. Make sure you are not seated for too long in one place, as it could make the symptom worse. Before getting into action take a little stroll to relax your gland a bit. Here are 10 symptoms of prostate cancer every man should know.

#4 Urinary tract infections: While it is thought that urinary tract infections are common in women even men suffer from its perils. Men suffering from UTIs often complain about pain or burning sensation during urination. Also, the penis emits a foul smell and it pains during ejaculation. Yeast infections could lead to itching or burning sensations around the tip of the penis.

What you can do: If you are suffering from any form of UTI make sure that you use a condom during intercourse as there are quite high chances of the infection to spread to your partner. Apart from that, ensure that you wash your penis thoroughly, before and after the act, especially beneath the foreskin. Drink plenty of water to flush out the bacteria from your system.

#5 Allergies: Some men might be sensitive down there. In such cases, soaps or creams that are loaded with fragrance and chemicals might lead to inflammation and itching on the penis. This is more common with men who are circumcised.

What you can do: Avoid using anything new on your genitals just before having sex. In case, a bout of inflammation or itching ruins the mood just before the act, try foreplay to keep the romance alive for the night. Don’t try to have sex until the symptoms subside or you get treated for the same, as it could aggravate your problem.

#6 Genital herpes: This is a type of sexually transmitted disease that can make intercourse painful and spread the infection rapidly. It is characterised with sore or pimple like lumps on the penis which is painful. Here are six common causes of herpes you should know.

What you can do: Well, if you are suffering from genital herpes you should not be having sex, not even with your condom on. Refrain from having sex till you get treated adequately by an urologist and a sex therapist.


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