6 hot sex positions to make your bedroom romps exciting!


There may come a time when are bored by doing the same old stuff in the bedroom. Although your woman might not tell you, she does want you to experiment in bed. Scroll through to find out how you can make your woman happy in bed by trying these new positions.


  • The wheel barrow

    The wheel barrow: This position can take excitement in bed to a whole new level. Lift her by the pelvis while she’s facing down and have her legs wrapped around your waist. Enter her from behind like you would in a doggie style position. While this move can be a little taxing, it will take the pleasure to a new high.

  • Spork

    Spork: This is ideal if both of you are lazy and don’t want to spend too much energy by trying something physically challenging. A twist to spooning, raise her right leg while she’s lying on the bed and enter her from the side at an angle of 90 degrees.

  • Snow angel

    Snow angel: This position is another way to beat bedroom boredom. Make her lie on her back while you lie on your front, facing away from her, just like in a 69. Straddle her legs and make her wrap them around your back. This will help raise her pelvis and you can enter her easily. This is a challenging position but the best to try if you are tired of your routine.

  • Heir to the throne

    Heir to the throne: If you love exploring your woman down there, this position is for you! Make her sit down on a chair with legs spread apart, and simply work your magic on her.

  • Pretzel

    Pretzel: This position is not only extremely pleasurable but also highly romantic, as both of you are in the same position and can look into each other eyes. Both of you can go down on one knee (opposite to each other ) and you can enter her by lunging and rocking back and forth.

  • Spider

    Spider: This is a pleasurable position and can take your romance to a whole new level. Sit with your legs towards one another, such that, your pelvises are aligned. Lie back on your hands for support and rock back and forth together.

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