5 ways to make the missionary sex position a lot more hotter


Bored of the missionary sex position? Follow these tips to make it the hottest sex position ever.

You do not have to do missionary in the same conventional way always. The old boring missionary can be the most satisfying and pleasurable with a few twists and turns. These tips will make sure that you have the most satisfying sex ever.

1. Churning: Grab your penis in your hands and then circle it inside the vagina. Circling all of it will allow you to explore the hot spots which will make her moan with pleasure.

2. Rubbing: While you may think that aiming for the G-spot will give her all the pleasure in the world, rubbing the penis on the back side of the vagina can also give her an incredible sensation. So just rub your penis up and down on her vagina while you are in the missionary position.

3. Buffeting: As you strike, pull out completely and then penetrate again with a hard stroke. Most women love this act as it is primitive and combines thrusting with lusty teasing.

4. Piercing: Let your partner keep her hips level as she lies on her back and climb higher up from what you usually are so that her head is in line with your shoulders. This will help your penis slip back and forth to her clitoris as you go in and out. Doing this fill provide her extra stimulation. Remember to take it slow and easy. It will hit her just in the right spot. Did you know missionary is also one of the best sex positions to conceive a baby?

5. Boar’s blow: In missionary sex position, place your penis on the left or the right of her vagina. Doing this will put continuous pressure on her vagina giving her that intense pleasure. Do not forget that the side of the vagina or clitoris is always more sensitive.


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