5 things men need to know about sex during periods


Having sex during that time of the month is a personal choice, and there is no reason you cannot enjoy intimacy during that period. However, you always need to take certain precautions even during her menstrual cycle. These tips by well-known gynaecologist Sangeeta Agarwal, will help you be more comfortable with her in bed during her periods.

Place a towel or cloth on the bed

You cannot deny that sex during menstruation is a little too messy. And your white sheets can take a beating if you do not use anything to catch the mess. So it is a good idea to place a dark towel or a bedsheet under her pelvis before you get going.

Clean yourself up after sex

Also, be prepared with a warm wash cloth or wet wipes to clean up right after your romp session so that you don’t drip. A quick shower can also be helpful. Here are ten menstrual hygiene tips every girl should know.

Maintain good hygiene

When you have sex during periods, you not only put yourself but even her at a risk of potential yeast infection. So make sure that you clean your private parts properly, even before sex. It is imperative to wash the top of the penis as not washing it can result in a buildup of smegma, dead skin cells that can lead to infection and irritation. Also, follow these tips to maintain better sexual hygiene.

Don’t try every sex position

Your partner may not be comfortable with every sex position as certain positions that touch her cervix, like the woman-on-top, can be uncomfortable and even painful. So make sure you stick to positions where she is lying on her back like the missionary. Having sex while she is lying on her back can also help reduce the bleeding and lessen the mess.

Have protected sex

Just because you are having sex during her periods does not mean that it is safe. Having unprotected sex even during her periods can translate to contracting STDS. Also, the likelihood may be minuscule, but pregnancy can still be a concern even during menstrual periods. It, therefore, can be a good idea to use protection whenever you have sex. Unprotected sex can also lead to these 6 dangerous things.


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