5 Sexual Positions Every Woman Enjoys


On top of the world
Most women love being on top for one simple reason: It makes them feel like they’re in charge, and power is always a heady aphrodisiac. Being on top is not limited to one style, however. Lie on your back and have her straddle your waist before lowering herself onto you; don’t forget to lend her some support by holding her hips while she rides you. If your woman doesn’t enjoy this style, it’s likely for one of two reasons: She may feel overexposed during the act, or her legs might be a bit too short to pull it off comfortably.

Mission Possible
More commonly known as the missionary position, the comfort zone is not to be overlooked. Nor should any man ignore its tremendous potential for scorching hot sex. The comfort zone is one of the top sex positions women enjoy, and for good reason: the permutations for pleasure are virtually endless, and none of them involve discomfort or the skills of a gymnast.
Take charge: Lay her down on the bed, spread her legs apart by sliding your knee between her thighs, place her wrists above her head and show her what you’re made of.
Sex position savvy: Take it to the next level by talking dirty to her. Bring your lips close to her ear and whisper what you’re going to do to her; let her know she’ll be screaming your name before it’s over.
The counter top
A favourite among many women. In this position, she is on her back on the counter or table while he enters standing. It’s rough. There’s pushing aside of papers, pepper shakers which add to the sense of urgency and inappropriateness. It’s easy to maneuver and move the woman to slide along the counter. There is still contact. He goes deep and feels in control. It works all the way around. It’s not about acrobats. It’s about context.

Doggy style
Doggy style is a great position for the woman because it allows her to have optimal control. She is able to adjust her range of motion for an angle that feels best. You are likely to stimulate her G-spot and have access to her clitoris with your hand, her hand or a toy, like a small bullet-shaped vibrator. Sexologist Gloria Brame, Ph.D. also stresses the importance of clitoral stimulation while in the doggy style position. “She will rarely have an orgasm if you’re not doing something manually in front at the same time,” she says.

Spoons in the sack
This is a slow, intimate position that can feel enormously erotic. Your partner lies on her side and you nestle in her back, letting you guide your penis inside her. There’s no eye contact unless you have a strategically placed mirror (Not a bad idea if your partner fancies it), but it does allow you to rub and stroke her body and to kiss, lick and nuzzle her neck, back and ears. And of course, you can give her a running commentary on how good she makes you feel.


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