5 Best Diet For Penis Enlargement

Foods are supposedly one of the natural products that are full of nutrients that are required by the body and are very much important for the normal functioning. Herein, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that food is a solution for a lot of health ailments as well as a remedy for achieving a lot of your goals. One such aim that you can successfully get through is that of penis enlargement.
By adhering to certain foods on a routine basis, one can easily be assured that there can be some difference in the penis size. To check out the specific diet that you should follow and to know the nutrients that helps in penis enlargement check the list below: –

Include Lean Proteins

One of the most important nutrients that need to be an important part of the diet plan for men who are looking for enlarged penis is lean protein. The idea is to include any source of lean protein in all the meals of the day to get visible outcomes for the penis as well as improved sperm count and proper erection. Tuna and salmon are some of the top options that can be considered here. There is soy, low fat yogurt and nuts as well that provides with this significant nutrient.

Agrinine Rich Foods

Another category of foods that are very important for men to include in their diet not only for penis enlargement but also for proper ejaculation and quality sperm are the ones that have high levels of agrinine in them. These include tuna, mackerel, salmon, herring, turkey, chicken, lentils, seeds and nuts. The enzyme helps in the dilation of the blood vessels in the penis as well as release of proper hormones to ensure that you reach your goal of enlarged penis and hard erection. Granola, wheat germ, shrimp and cottage cheese can also be considered.


An important mineral that is required not only for proper functioning of the penis but also to help it increase in size is zinc. It also increases the rate of production of the sperm giving dual benefits to a man. Motility of the sperm is also maintained. Include pumpkin seeds, sea food like oysters, beans, sunflower seeds and liver in the daily diet for this mineral.

Vegetables That Help

There are some vegetables that are specifically recommended for penis enlargement. These come in the form of sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes and carrots. Try and include a portion of each divided into the entire day to get maximum results in a short span of time. Vegetables will also provide the body with important vitamins and minerals and strengthen the pelvic muscles as well.

Keep Alcohol and Smoking Away From Diet

Alcohol and smoking are some of the habits that will only hamper your aims. It will prevent you from achieving penis enlargement. Alcohol should be taken in moderation and smoking should be completely kept away from the diet plan if you want successful penis enlargement.These food groups will only help in giving proper nutrition to the penis. However, you will have to adhere to various other treatments along with this for best results.


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