How Men Can Make Their Sex Life Better and excited ?


How Men Can Make Their Sex Life Better?

Even today in our country the same traditional thinking about sex is going on that men have the responsibility to improve sex life. Generally women do not take the initiative, because they feel that this is the work of men and somewhere there is a fear in the mind that the husband may not point fingers at her character if she takes the initiative.
For all these reasons, it is the responsibility of men to improve their sex life. Let’s find out how with these tips you can improve your sex life.

What is better sex life?
It is better for a man to give multiple orgasms to his partner and then it is better for someone to wait 3 minutes. If your partner feels orgasm and feels happy and satisfied with your sex activity then this is a better sex life for you forever.

Here we are telling you some tips, by which you can improve your unsatisfied sex life:-

Sex talk is necessary
Men often ignore this. They think that talking is not as important as kissing. Believe me, talking about sex, before sex starts it can make both of you very excited. Ask your partner what they like, what they want and explore their fantasies. After this both of you can enjoy a good and enjoyable sex session.

Get out of the misconception
Most men never think and wish to discuss their sex life with others. That is why many misunderstandings start growing in their mind. They think that others are enjoying a very good sex life, but I am not doing anything good. Experts says that most people have sex once in 10 days, if the same thing is happening to you, do not get upset and get out of this misunderstanding.
Don’t compare to porn
”If you compare your sex life with porn life”, you will feel depress all time. The only purpose of work of the porn industry is the entertainment of everyone people. This is their job. For this activity they resort to various types of drugs etc., due to which they shot many big videos. It is a film and the film is not shot in one go, it consists of many different shots. Never try the stunts depicted in it on your partner or expect them to do everything like porn for you.

Forget the size issue
Often men are confused about their penis size. They are afraid that their partner may remain unsatisfied, because if this happens then their sex life will be ruined. But you need to understand that size doesn’t matter as much as the pleasure of both of you. If both of you are happy, then it doesn’t matter what is your size is or what isn’t.

Take care of sex organs
Every man should know about the sexual organs of women, due to which both get more pleasure in sex and sex life is better. Both of you should be aware of the sensational parts of each other. It creates a different excitement in your sex life. If you try this trick then you sex life will be strong, happy and excited.

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