20 sex facts every couple should know for a happy sex life


20 sex facts every couple should know for a happy sex life.



Sex, romance, love, desire – “Love has its own meaning for everyone”. Even though it may have countless names, but the feeling is the same, the passion to give each other the happiness of the world, ready to die on each other, the spirit to sacrifice everything for each other..

We are making every couple aware of many such aspects related to sex.

1. It is often thought and said that after the birth of the child, ‘the wife is no longer interested in sex’, which is completely wrong. Research suggests that the intensity of the climax increases after childbirth.
2. ‘Maintain communication each-other’. This is very important for mutual love and the strength of the relationship, It also improves sex life, because conversation brings you closer. Without them, the relationship cannot grow up.
3. Often women are hesitant to take the initiative for sex, but keep in mind, your initiative immerses them in a pleasant feeling. If the children are small then there are difficulties in sex life, so whenever you get a chance, it is better to get lost in love than to wait for the children to sleep.
4. Sometimes women do not understand what excites them. Many times, even knowing it, they shy away from telling. Tell your husband when you feel.
5. Being unformed or not in shape sometimes fills a feeling of inferiority in women. Have confidence, only then you will be able to connect with your husband. But do try to get a shapely body through diet and exercise.
6. After having children, their care and household chores make women very tired. They have no desire for sex. Make sure to take time for your rest, only then your sex life will be satisfying. There will be no irritation and you will be happy.
7. What do you want in sex? What do you like? Tell this to your husband, but not during sex, when both of you are comfortable, at the right time and in the mood, because it is very important to have the right time for these things.
8. Enjoy each other’s company. Slowly move towards love. Long enough foreplay before sex gives extreme satisfaction to both.
9. Nowadays condoms are available in different colors and fragrances. These are of many types, such as – lubricated, rind and dotted. This increases excitement and pleasure during foreplay.
10. Sex is exaggerated in books, movies, stories related to sex. The truth is that normal couples have sex once or twice a week or even less. Don’t believe the exaggeration. Keep in mind, quality is more important than quantity.



11. Climax or orgasm is a pleasantly satisfying experience. Many couples are upset that both of them are unable to reach the climax together. It can happen, but it doesn’t matter. Women experience orgasm more than once.
12. It is very important for you to be physically and mentally healthy for a good sex life. For this it is important to have a balanced diet, some exercise, plenty of sleep and not to consume too much tea, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol.
13. The small size of the penis does not make any difference in orgasm, as only one third of the vagina is sensitive. Therefore, even a small penis in the right sex position can give full climax.
14. While having sex, the imagination of another man stimulates and increases the pleasure of sex. So imagine and do not let any kind of guilt come in your mind for this. There is nothing wrong in this.
15. If both husband and wife is job workers, busy with work and come late at night, then their sex life is negligible. In such a situation, it is better to wake up in the morning and enjoy sex in a fresh mood.
16. Sex life becomes boring after a few years, So keep experimenting in your sex life. Try different positions. Something that fills life with colours.
17. Sex brings us closer not only physically but also mentally. This connection is the foundation of married life. It is important to take care of yourself, to be groomed, to look beautiful.
18. Keeping the sex life alive with increasing age is a challenge. Increase the foreplay time for this. Try new ways. Remember your old days, But don’t stop having sex.
19. If there is a desire for sex, but you are feeling very tired and stressed, watch a horror movie or horror show or drink 1 cup of coffee. Your heart will start beating faster. This will increase the amount of adrenaline in the body. This is the chemical that produces sexual excitement.
20. “Cigarettes and alcohol”, affect the function of sex, because they have a direct relationship on your blood circulation and nervous system, It reduces arousal, vaginal lubrication and sensation. Alcohol and cigarettes have a similar effect on both men and women.


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