10 Common Sex Problems Amoung Couples


A couple may be faced with sexual problema at the start of a relationship or at a later stage after having enjoyed gratifying sex for some time. Sex problems among couples can be due to physical and psychological causes. You need to have a good understanding of your partner and empathy for each other in order to wade through the troubled waters.

Common Sex Problems among Couples
Sexual Problems in Married Couples

Sexual disorder or dysfunction can be categorised as sexual desire disorder, sexual arousal disorder, orgasm disorders and sexual pain disorders. These can be caused by –
Abnormally low production of hormones – estrogen in women and testosterone in both men and women cause sexual desire disorder.
Pregnancy, ageing, fatigue and side-effects of medications can also cause sexual arousal disorder.
Depression or anxiety also has a dampening effect on sexual desire.
Men and women may develop an aversion to the contact of each other. Lack of sexual arousal is seen as failure of men to maintain erection, partially or completely; and in women – lack of vaginal lubrication. It can be natural or due to some underlying cause.
Decreased blood flow to the vagina or penis due to medical conditions or a chronic illness can also be the cause of arousal disorder.
Lack of orgasm after a normal period of sexual excitement if often the result of side-effects from SSRI anti-depressants. This is found in both men and women.
Sexual pain disorders mostly affect women. Dyspareunia and vaginismus, painful intercourse and vaginal spasms during intercourse respectively are caused due to lack of vaginal lubrication in women.
Poor vaginal lubrication may have been caused by lack of excitement and resultant arousal. It could also be due to changes after menopause or breast-feeding. Contraceptive creams may also cause lubrication problems and so also sexual fear and anxiety.
Sexual abuse of women can lead to vaginismus. Women may also suffer from vulvar vestibulitis which leads to pain during intercourse.
Sexual disorders are more common in men and women who are alcoholics and drug abusers. It is also much more probable in people with medical conditions such as diabetes or other degenerative neurological problems. Psychological problems, trouble in relationships, or chronic disenchantment and conflict with the sexual partner can also get in the way of sexual function.

You need to contact your health care provider to confirm whether your sexual problem is serious or can get over without much of a treatment.


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