10 Body Parts Women like About Men

These articles are always fun to write about. Why? Because they just are. I thank all the women who contributed and were willing to offer this information to me. Surprisingly, women and men have a similar interest. It’s not what you would think, but when it comes down to the bare bones of attraction, we think alike!

I was surprised to find out that some women can actually be as crude as men when expressing their preferences. I was caught off guard and sometimes speechless during some of the live interviews. They were often being very graphic, and needless to say it was a bit awkward and embarrassing at times. So in a way, I’m glad it’s over!

As I said in my previous article Top 8 Body Parts Men Like About Women, before you rush off to the gym guy’s, read this article first. There are some body parts women admire that don’t need exercising!

The following list is made up of the most popular responses first, working our way down to the least popular. Take note and know what body parts women are most attracted to.


Eyes came in number one, can you believe it! I would have never thought that. It makes me feel good because I have been told I have nice eyes. So what’s so special about eyes? Eyes tell a story about who you are in a split second. They reveal the true you! They say the eyes don’t lie, how true that is. Although you may have to learn how to read eye language.

Smile and Lips

Smile and lips are second on the popularity list. It deserves it because I have also been told I have a nice smile…..so that’s another good one for me. Lips of course are for those kissing moments that women love so much. A warm smile can also reveal something about a person. A nice inviting smile can mean you’re friendly and approachable.

Arms and Hands

Women like strong arms, hands, and forearms. They didn’t seem to care for muscle men though, they said they prefer strength over size. Some women actually said that muscle guy’s were a little creepy. Most women said they wanted to feel safe when they were with their guy. So they felt strong arms and hands were a good indication of being able to handle most situations. It’s almost as if strong arms meant a sense of confidence.


Butt’s are just as popular on guy’s as they are on women. Most women couldn’t give me a straight answer as to why they like butts., I just do they replied. Some said it was another indication of strength, which makes sense to me. Others made reference to an advantage during intimate times. While others said slapping and grabbing a nice firm butt is pleasurable. That’s it for butts, let’s move down to shoulders.


Broad shoulders also meant a sign of strength and confidence. Women like to feel muscular shoulders and said they felt safe and secure when holding onto those massive shoulders, especially in bed. Not much to say about shoulders, let’s move down to hair.


I read a survey for online dating that said men with hair on their heads are five times more likely to receive responses than men with receding hairlines. Women in general prefer men with a full head of hair. There wasn’t any particular reason for it other than it looks complete. Men with receding hairlines are better off with short hair, or shaved heads.

Chiseled Chest

I was surprised to see the chest way down here on the list. I think likes and dislikes of body parts is cyclical. I remember a time when women really liked chest, I guess times have changed.

Women said they like hairy chest, but not too hairy. They like chest that has a shape, where the pecs protrude just enough to show some form. They like a strong chest, again a sign of strength.

Legs and Feet

Speaking of receding hairlines, it’s getting a little thin down here. I’m starting to run scarce on body parts. Legs and feet are not big on the favorites list. Calves were mentioned only a few times, while legs and feet were not high on the priority list. Women mention strong looking legs and feet. The theme seems to be strength throughout this list.


I remember when abs were a big deal, as I mentioned above it’s all cyclical. Next year abs and chest might be fighting eyes and smiles for first place. There’s no denying a flat stomach is attractive and an example of a healthy diet and physical discipline. I don’t think pot bellies will ever be in style, besides big bellies and thin legs are weird looking, especially in Speedo’s.


Hips are on the list to. It seems odd to me that hips would even be considered. I read an article from two years ago regarding favorite male parts; they mentioned hips in 6th place before abs and butts. Go figure! Hips serve for one purpose only according to some women. They like to hold onto a guy’s hips during sex. I should have guessed that!

All done! You might have your own opinion and sequence of order. However, this is the gist of it, and guy’s don’t worry, don’t take this literal. Most women settle for less.

It’s interesting that women are interested in size and strength, but not one of them mentioned height. Maybe height wouldn’t be considered a body part, I don’t know. What about proportion? Some men have short legs and long torso, while others have long legs and short torsos. Nobody mentioned teeth! Why? Ears and nose I guess wouldn’t come into the equation. A few women mentioned ankles; I thought that was more in the fetish department.

Keep in mind that this is about body parts only. There are other factors involved in the attraction area. Some of these other factors are more attractive than the physical attributes. The physical parts for the majority of women I interviewed are important. However, a combination of the physical, spirituality, personality, achievements, and self assuredness is the ultimate combination preferred. In other words, the physical only plays a part of what women are looking for, or what women admire in a man.

Bottom line, women like to see strength in a man. Who knows and who cares why and where this comes from, women like it, and that’s all that matters.

Thanks for reading

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