Can night falls be stopped?


I am a 21-year-old man and I suffer from frequent night falls. Can nightfall be stopped?

Night fall is a completely natural process that happens when your body needs to get rid of extra semen. If you masturbate or have sex often, then it is unlikely that you’ll have nightfall. However, in our country a lot of people think of masturbation as a sin and something that can cause you to lose weight, feel weak or even lose your eyesight. None of these myths are true. In fact, masturbation has a lot of health benefits ranging from reducing stress to reducing your risk of prostate cancer.

Nothing bad will happen to your body if you have night falls. Unlike erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, night falls aren’t something that you ‘suffer’ from. While excess semen is responsible for night fall, sometimes unconsciously rubbing yourself on the bed sheet while having sexual dreams can also cause you to ejaculate. We don’t think you have anything to be worried about but if you have any other doubts, you could consult a sexologist who’ll be able to better analyse your body and recommend appropriate treatment.


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